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Xterior Solutions Case Studies: Roof Replacement in Tannersville after Woman was Scammed by Unverified Contractor

Monday, June 12th, 2017 by Caroline Trama


We recently received a call from a customer who was concerned about her roof that was installed by an unverified contractor. Jason spoke direct with the customer, she briefly explained to him the situation, immediately he knew something was wrong. Jason drove out to her home in Tannersville, NY to take a look at her roof and discovered several mistakes with the roof including high nailed shingles, new shingles over 2 existing layers that should have been removed, no flashing at the windows and chimneys, and they simply worked around a tree that is leaning on the rakes edge of the roof instead of cutting the tree back. The contractor stated in the contract that he would be applying new plywood, we can clearly see from the multiple layers that this was not done and now the new shingles do not lay flat.  Additionally, the original contractor provided a proposal for the project on a piece of loose-leaf paper, not a professional contract.  The receipt for materials clearly shows that he was dishonest and did not comply with the contract he wrote for Ms. Schultz.

Ms. Schultz’s original concern was her receipt the contractor submitted to her when he requested payment. The receipt shows a purchase for 57 bundles of hip and ridge shingles at $50+ a bundle. Those are not used to shingle a roof as they are only for the hips and ridges; they’re twice as much as the shingle cost.  Seeing this on the receipt was a red flag for her, but only after the work had already been completed, which took a couple weeks.  Normally only a couple of bundles of hip and ridge cap shingles are needed for a single roof. The shingles that make up the bulk of a roof are priced at an average of $30 per bundle.  It has been determined that the contractor had returned the original order of hip and ridge cap shingles without a receipt in exchange for store credit and then purchased the correct roof shingles used to complete the roof and then left him with a large store credit balance.  He also purchased tools for himself to do the job including a new tool belt, air hose, etc. He insisted that the homeowner pays for the purchase of “materials”. 

Additionally, the contractor did not provide any workers compensation insurance, liability or request a building permit before starting work on the home, leaving Ms. Schultz at a huge risk and in violation with the town’s building department. 

Ms. Schultz is a breast cancer survivor but is currently concerned that her cancer may be back.  Her income is very limited and she invested all her savings into replacing her roof only to be taken advantage of.  


Jason is now working closely with our vendors and the community to rectify this situation for Ms. Schultz by giving her a new roof, free of charge, which will be professionally installed and have a lifetime warranty through Owens Corning.  Jason says “I love what I do as a contractor and I love helping people.”  We want Ms. Schultz to be able to focus on her health and not her roof and to put the word out that this can happen to anybody. We urge customers to do their research before hiring a contractor, not just for Roofing but for any project.

Currently, we have a number of members of the Hyde Park community that are donating their services for Ms. Schultz’s project including Recycle Depot, Richards Building Supply of Poughkeepsie (Jim Waters Co.), and Owens Corning. 

We want to bring attention to scammer like this and ensure the community that we care for our customers by providing this story for you to broadcast and also to urge customers to do their research.


UPDATE: May 26, 2017

We are moving forward with this project and have received a building permit, work is scheduled to start next weekend!  The building inspector for the Town of Hunter said "It appears that you are doing the right thing, and for this I must congratulate you. No good deed goes unnoticed"

We want to take a moment again to thank everyone who has helped us with this project! 


UPDATE: June 7, 2017

We are starting work on this project Friday June 9! Check out our Facebook page for pictures and videos of the whole team getting this project going! 


UPDATE: June 9, 2017 

We started work this morning, we expect that the new roof should be completely installed by the end of the day!! Please see additional pictures of work being done! 


UPDATE: June 12, 2017

We have finished Ms. Schultz roof! Check out our video on youtube to hear from her and Jason about the Progect!

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